Parabhakti Ashram Sydney

Pujya Gurudev’s First Ashram Overseas

He started this ashram on October 17 2004. His instructions were to start the ashram and have satsangh every thursday. Bhagavad Geeta to be studied. Parabhakti Family is a DIVINE family and we all wait for thursday as it is the day we have our satsangh. Mr Ravi Pavithran is the teacher who teaches one shloka every week and explains it word by word in english.

Gurudev has also taught us live from India and it has been very memorable moments to have GURUDEV in Australia. The Bhagavad Geeta has taught us how to live our life day to day. It teaches us to do our duty without thinking about the fruits of it. Gurudev has also initiated us on this spiritual path.

We are all very blessed to have a GURU who GUIDES us on this path and helps us in this quest for TRUTH.

Poojya Jagadguru Maharajashri
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