Children Empower

Children Empower project

The mission of this project is to uplift and to provide social and educational opportunities for children in the rural village of central India. Additionally, we want to create employment opportunities by imparting vocational training to women and underprivileged young women in the village of Bhama, Shyam Nagar, Mavai, Gurra, Nagwara, Pahadi Kheda, Rata Mati. We are working towards alleviating the poverty in the rural villages of Central India as they merge with the urbanized paradigm.

Central India has the biggest tribal belt and they need to be educated.

We would like to inform all our friends to come forward and donate for the education and sports of these children. Any details that are needed can be received from Brahmchari Achlanand (+919424921242), who is a resident of Mani Dweep and looks after the organic farms, Gurudev’s meditation gardens, his residence, Gau Shala.

Happy children receiving opportunity for education and sports

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